Katherine Wu

It is with *immense* excitement that we officially welcome Katherine Wu to team Notation as our first principal at the firm. She will lead investments, support Notation portfolio companies, and help us continue to grow our brand and further our mission, among other critical activities.

We weren’t hiring for this role — and then we met Katherine. For anyone that’s been fortunate enough to spend some time with K-Wu, it’s clear within minutes that she has a unique talent to bring people together, ask the right questions, and then get shit done in a way that is very much her own. We believe that Katherine will do this in spades for Notation, and all of the founders she chooses to partner with in the years to come.

Katherine combines a dizzying array of multi-disciplinary skills — she is a lawyer, she’s an expert on the intersection of the law and the blockchain regulatory environment (some of her writings), she’s a community builder and leader, she most recently ran business development as an operator at Messari, and she speaks multiple languages. We could go on…but for those that don’t know Katherine, you surely will soon 🙂

In our last post announcing Thomas Bailey as our first venture partner at Notation, we wrote that one of the driving forces in deciding to add new people to our firm was asking ourselves: “What would our team look like if we wanted to build the single best venture firm in NYC?” We believe Katherine will be critically important in helping Notation achieve this goal in the years to come. She in many ways represents the future of our firm and team.

Our mission remains the same as it always has — to be the best partners to technical founding teams at the very earliest stages of product and company building, primarily in NYC. There’s no idea, person, product or market “too early” for us to want to invest our time and capital. And while Katherine will continue to spend significant time investing in the early-stage blockchain ecosystem, she will also spend time in other key Notation areas of interest, as well as explore new emerging categories of her own.

So please join us in welcoming Katherine! We’re so excited to have her join our growing team, and we suspect dozens of founders in the years to come will be thrilled she did too.

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