Notation invests in technology companies that combine software and data in novel ways to create fundamentally better experiences for customers.

We’re not thesis-driven, but we tend to invest against ever-evolving areas of interest, hashed below. We typically lead the first round of financing and often invest as early as an idea.

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Automated benefits. Built to work for all employees.

Alice automates benefits & pre-tax spending. Increase your employees’ paychecks while reducing your payroll taxes. Every $1 spent by your employees pre-tax is $1 shielded from payroll tax.

Avi Karnani
Founder & CEO

Paul Barnes-Hoggett
Founder & CTO

“As an employer, saving our employees money while increasing satisfaction is always our mission and Alice definitely helps us achieve that!”

—Rasha Awwad, iMedcare


A new data intelligence company building mission critical tools for energy companies

The unique combinations of new stressors of the electrical grid and the influx of newly available smart meter data (as well as the modern advances in AI and cloud computing) represent an astounding opportunity to build new data services and infrastructures to help regional operators, utilities, energy suppliers, and ratepayers navigate the complexities of this new reality and adapt to the age of the fully smart grid.

Abe Stanway, Founder

Sean Kelly, Founder

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A digital platform and API delivering global white glove logistics and services

ARTA provides innovative technology and fulfillment solutions that streamline the shipping of high-value, oversized, and fragile goods requiring extra services from point of sale to delivery. With a single solution, ARTA safely, easily and cost effectively ships high-touch items to more customers in more locations to drive sales, enable opportunities for new categories and expand the global footprint for businesses today.

Adam Fields
Founder & CEO

On the Notation blog: Our Investment in ARTA

“ARTA has quite simply revolutionized the way we go about arranging shipments.”

—Honor Fraser Gallery, Los Angeles


Arwen gives you the best protection while you trade on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Their non-custodial trading protocol means you never risk losing cryptocurrency, even if the exchange is hacked.

Sharon Goldberg
Founder & CEO

Ethan Heilman
Founder & CTO
Bison Trails

Building transparent and secure decentralized infrastructure for the future.

Joe Lallouz, Co-Founder

Aaron Henshaw, Co-Founder

The Future of Retail

Our stores feature products from female-led brands that, until now, have only sold on the internet. Instead of wholesale or consignment, Bulletin rents sections of our store on a month-to-month basis, which has lowered the barrier to entry for physical retail. Now, digital brands can quickly plug into our in-store community.

Alana Branston
Founder & CEO

Ali Kriegsman
Founder & COO

On the Notation blog: Our Investment in Bulletin

NYTimes: A Feminist Collective, Not Just a Store in NoLIta

“We’re helping other women turn their side hustles into full-time gigs.”

—Ali Kriegsman, Founder & COO


Short-form mobile audio

Bumpers is a new community of diverse personalities talking about what they care about most. It’s spontaneous. Short. And all you need is your phone.

Ian Ownbey
Founder & CEO

Jacob Thornton
Founder & CTO

On the Notation blog: Our Investment in Bumpers

“Before Bumpers, the gap from casual voice-notes to produced podcasts was almost insurmountable.”

—Ian Ownbey, Founder & CEO


A real-time, street-level intelligence platform

CARMERA operates a vehicular sensor network that gathers continually updated 3D scene, change detection and analytics data. Our machine vision and geospatial data pipelines extract rich texture and insight for autonomous vehicles and built environment data customers.

Ro Gupta
Founder & CEO

Justin Day
Founder & CTO

“We asked ourselves, ‘What if we could crawl and index roads like we do the web?’”

—Ro Gupta, Founder & CEO

Clay Labs

Rapid prototyping for developers

Create serverless HTTPS functions instantly.

Kareem Amin

Nicolae Rusan
Founder & CTO

Intelligent platform  for hiring top-tier talent in the life sciences

The intelligent platform that efficiently matches life science companies with flexible, on-demand expertise.

Rahul Chaturvedi
Founder & CEO

On the Notation blog: Our Investment in Clora

“We created Clora after spending years being frustrated with hiring the life sciences talent we needed.”

—Rahul Chaturvedi, Founder & CEO


A decentralized storage network powered by blockchain & a native token

Large amounts of storage sit unused all over the world. Filecoin is going to change that.

Juan Benet
Founder & CEO

Make every support rep an expert

Hickory is the first training software that predicts when your employees will forget and the only one that makes sure it doesn’t happen.

Brian Tobal
Founder & CEO

Predicting the Next Wave of Music Stars

Using listener data, social metrics and online trends, indify ranks and analyzes up-and-coming artists in order to identify music icons far before they reach stardom.

Keshav Garg
Founder & CEO

Matthew Pavia
Founder & CTO

Connor Lawrence
Founder & CMO

Home equity access for seniors

Irene is the first debt-free home equity solution for seniors that’s simple and honest.

Fabrizio Tiso
Founder & CEO


Elevating student achievement by improving attendance.

Kinvolved takes a holistic approach to fighting chronic absenteeism. Each year, 25% of students miss 30+ days of school—we’re changing that. Our partner schools see a 13X boost in attendance compared to other schools.

Miriam Altman
Founder & CEO

Alexandra Meis
Founder & CPO

On the Notation blog: Our Investment in Kinvolved

NYTimes: An App Helps Teachers Track Student Attendance

“When you work in education you go through life thinking, ‘What else can I do?’ Kinvolved gives me hope that I can do something big and make a positive change. It’s an exciting feeling.”

—Jessenia Borges, Community Associate, Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Elementary School


Decentralized live video streaming platform built on Ethereum

Live video gives everyone a voice. To make sure you’re always in control of yours, Livepeer is owned and run by the participants in the network. This paradigm empowers you to participate in the world economy, monetize your time, and get your truth out to the world.

Doug Petkanics
Founder & CEO

Eric Tang
Founder & CTO

“We believe that every person should have access to a platform to share their voice and live video is increasingly becoming the truest, most genuine way to communicate with a wide audience.”

—Doug Petkanics, Founder & CEO


Accelerating Advanced Medical Device Development

neMedIO creates tools to help get your high-tech medical device to market faster. Medical device development is hard … neMedIO makes it easier.

Sabrina Varanelli
Founder & CEO

Advanced CAD for advanced manufacturing

nTopology’s Element is a generative, function-based engineering application at the intersection of CAD, simulation, and industrial manufacturing.

Bradley Rothenberg
Founder & CEO

“Traditional CAD software has not kept pace with advancement in manufacturing. You can manufacture complex shapes, but you can’t design complex shapes. That’s a waste of technology. Only Element can take the full advantage of these advancements.”

—Bradley Rothenberg, Founder & CEO

Open Collective

A new form of association, transparent by design

OpenCollective enables groups to quickly set up a collective, raise funds and manage them transparently.

Xavier Damman
Founder & CEO

Pia Mancini

Aseem Sood

On the Notation blog: Our Investment in Open Collective

“Creating an organization is a situation where local governments expose a lot of complexity to the end user. We abstract that complexity so that people can focus on the primary goal of their organization.”

—Xavier Damman, Founder & CEO

Open Source Coin

Building an open-source ecosystem on the blockchain

Oscoin is creating a decentralized network run by the community and contributors, with a sustainable economy to back it — one in which profits are redistributed back to those who created value in the first place. By combining distributed version-control, content-addressable decentralized storage and distributed ledger systems such as blockchain, backed by its own cryptocurrency, we enable all of this activity to happen in the open, in a network that cannot be censored or controlled by any one party.

Eleftherios Diakomichalis

Alexis Sellier

Simple, low-latency game streaming

Parsec uses its game streaming technology to let you access your gaming PC from anywhere and invite your friends to connect and play local multiplayer games online. Play your favorite games anywhere with low latency at 60 frames per second.

Benjy Boxer
Founder & CEO

Christopher Dickson
Founder & CTO

“We founded Parsec because we believe it’s possible to expand the reach of high-powered computing. We want to eliminate the constant upgrade cycles of hardware and focus on delivering entertainment and software directly to the consumer via low-powered devices.”

—Benjy Boxer, Founder & CEO


Your all-in-one digital storefront.

Earn more money from your passion by offering memberships, online courses, and digital downloads to your audience.

Spencer Fry
Founder & CEO

On the Notation blog: Our Investment in Podia

“Podia has been a game changer for me. It allows me to create multiple revenue streams while keeping all my customers in one place.”

—Justin Jackson, Podia User

Radar Relay

A secure and trustless way to trade cryptocurrencies

Radar Relay is a next generation cryptocurrency exchange technology that leverages blockchain and the 0x protocol to trade Ethereum-based tokens directly from Web3 or Hardware wallets.

Alan Curtis
Founder & CEO

Access the whole wide world of kids classes near you

Sawyer helps provide easier access to kids classes by partnering with educators in each community who teach everything from ballet to science experiments. Sawyer Tools is a software product for those educators that saves them time and money. Sawyer’s class management software makes it easy to customize everything from soccer camps to science semesters.

Marissa Evans Alden
Founder & CEO

Stephanie Choi
Founder & COO

Andrew Fernandez
Founder & CTO

On the Notation blog: Our Investment in Sawyer (FKA The Kids Passport)

“Sawyer reimagined the way parents approach early childhood education in the modern age”



Care that fits your life.

Get birth control and contact lenses online — without visiting a doctor’s office.

Joel Wishkovsky
Founder & CEO

Ryan Quigley
Founder & CTO

On the Notation blog: Our investment in Simple Contacts

“The convenience of renewing my contact lens prescription from my phone easily saved me half a day!”

—Laura, Brooklyn, NY


The first digital-native title insurance company

Mortgage closings can and should be effortless. Using a data-driven approach, Spruce replaces decades-old practices and provides a modern partner in the mortgage process, creating a one-stop shop for a smoother closing. We integrate with your lender to provide title insurance and escrow services that radically simplify and enhance the closing process.

Patrick Burns
Co-Founder & CEO

Andrew Weisgall
Co-Founder & COO

“Spruce was a reliable, communicative, and trustworthy partner. After discovering that larger competitors did not take securing my sensitive data seriously, I wanted to find a company that put technology, security, and customer service first.”

—Cyrus E, New York


Accessible data for places people care about

We are developing a protocol that will incentivize the collection and maintenance of data for the places people care about worldwide. To solve this problem, we’re building a system where anyone can freely participate for appropriate incentives.

Randy Meech
Founder & CEO

Diana Shkolnikov
Founder & CTO

StreetCred blog on the importance of protocols applied to maps.


Log better. Solve problems faster.

Timber is a new kind of cloud-based logging system designed for applications and developers. Spend less time debugging and more time shipping.

Zach Sherman
Founder & CEO

Ben Johnson
Founder & CTO

On the Notation blog: 🌲 — Smart Log Analysis for Developers

A modern and intuitive merchandising platform for retailers

Toolio streamlines merchandising operations, operationalizes historical data, and empowers retailers to make effective and data-driven decisions.

Eytan Daniyalzade

Berk Atikoglu


Harnessing computer vision and AI to understand video

Uru uses their deep expertise in computer vision and AI to recognize not just objects in video streams, but to understand and characterize the content. Brand safety and content recognition are two of the initial areas of application.

Bill Marino
Founder & CEO

Brunno Attorre
Founder & CTO

Deploy Rapidly. Scale Automatically. Run Anywhere.

Wallaroo is an ultrafast framework for building & operating stateful data applications without worrying about scale. Wallaroo handles the mechanics of scaling, state management, resiliency, message delivery, and more, so you don’t have to. Plus, it’s ultrafast, with response times in the microseconds if you need it.

Vid Jain
Founder & CEO

“Wallaroo makes the infrastructure virtually disappear so you get rapid deployment, very low operating cost, and elastic capacity.”

—Sean T. Allen, VP Engineering


The new standard in blockchain security

Zeppelin is a leading technology firm in the blockchain industry, providing consulting, security audits and development services for organizations. Zeppelin has developed industry security standards for designing and deploying smart contract systems.

Demian Brener
Founder & CEO

Manuel Araoz
Founder & CTO

The pharmacy of the future

Zipdrug is a proprietary medication delivery platform that helps health plans manage medication adherence and cost. With Zipdrug’s platform, health plan providers can deliver a friendly, convenient and cost-effective pharmacy experience right to their members’ doors.

Stu Libby
Founder & CEO

Kyro Beshay
Founder & CPO
Redesign Science

A computational chemistry company setting a new standard for small molecule drug discovery

Redesign Science is creating the next generation computational drug discovery platform that leverages state-of-the-art physics based molecular dynamics simulation to enable rapid discoveries of previously undruggable therapeutic protein targets.

David Rooklin

Haotian Li

Redesign Science

Electric vehicle charging made simple.

ChargeLab builds OCPP-compliant software for managing EV charging stations. We also offer affordable turnkey charging solutions including hardware, software, and installation for businesses and governments.

Zachary Lefevre
Founder & CEO

Kendra Bolton
Founder & COO

Mather Warsame
Founder & CTO
Clay CRM

Be more thoughtful with people.

Clay is an extension of your brain, purposefully built to help you remember people in your professional life.

Matthew Achariam

Zachary Hamed

A members-only rental subscription service for menswear & streetwear.

Our mission is to democratize access to fashion and rethink the idea of ownership by creating a more circular, sustainable fashion economy.

Regy Perlera
Founder & CEO

Luc Succès
Founder & CTO

On the Notation blog: Our Investment in Seasons

The place to meet other humans

Launching soon …

Paari Kandappan
Founder & CEO

Lisa Luo
Founder & CTO